UN General Assembly Resolutions 1959-1461-1471

PLEASE READ: General Assembly Resolutions of 1959, 1461 to 1471. This is what the Decolonization Process looked like after the fact. You can find Hawaii and Alaska being cut off from the United Nations by the United States of America under Article 73E. See page 37 GAR 1469. To become the 49th and 50th State of the Union. The AJA took over our Decolonization Process after the war.


UN_1959_1418-1473-1 UN_1959_1418-1473-2 UN_1959_1418-1473-3
UN_1959_1418-1473-4 UN_1959_1418-1473-5 UN_1959_1418-1473-6 UN_1959_1418-1473-7

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