Restoring the Kingdom of Hawaii


Order from: Clarity Press


In 1993, the United States Congress enacted a solemn Apology for the United States invasion of Hawaii, admitting one hundred years later that “the indigenous Hawaiian people never directly relinquished their claims to their inherent sovereignty as a people or over their national lands to the United States.”

~We have never relinquished anything to the US, 1993 apology was a means to confuse us into thinking we were colonized by US and our “inherent” sovereignty is held under the US and now we need to de-colonize ourselves/seek self-determination when in fact we are illegally occupied by US since the 1893 illegal overthrow of our government when the Queen only temporarily surrendered her authority to the US President.~

It thereby admitted the illegality of its incorporation of Hawaii into America as its 50th state, opening the door for Hawaiian Independence and the restoration of the Kingdom of Hawaii. This book chronicles the legal battle waged toward that end by international law expert Francis A. Boyle on behalf of his Kanaka Maoli clients and friends that spans almost two and a half decades. As of this publication, that struggle has reached a decisive turning point which, if pursued following Boyle’s strategy, will lead on to the victory of restoring the 1893 Kingdom of Hawaii by the Kanaka Maoli.

~The door has been open for 121 years we were just under brainwash by US, into thinking that they legally relinquished the Kingdom of Hawaii as a sovereign nation State and we are all Americans of the 50th State…wrong we are kanaka maoli-native subjects of ko hawaii pae ‘aina, when you wipe the makapiapia from ya eye and seek ike, then you see clearly~

This book serves as a guide for the pursuit of self-determination by occupied nations and indigenous peoples who can no longer claim numerical majorities over the whole of their native lands. It incorporates insights derived from legal work Boyle has done for Palestine, Lithuania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Puerto Rico, Ireland and elsewhere around the world. Francis Boyle outlines what the Kanaka Maoli have done and must do to restore their state’s independence, de facto and de jure. He details the arduous process of self-organization by disempowered peoples necessary to replicate the sovereign status of governments and states in today’s world, from setting up governing structures and an economic system, to the sophisticated process of embarking on establishing relationships with and gaining recognition by states. There is much to learn here on how to create a state for peoples who don’t have one yet. This book is of critical importance to those scholars, leaders, and activists working in the fields of International Law, Human Rights, Indigenous Peoples, Oppressed Nations, and Nation-Building. There is no other such book in print synthesizing expertise in all these areas into a coherent whole for the benefit of oppressed nations and persecuted peoples all over the world.

~We shall not pursue self-determination through the US, We shall purse Independence=De-occupation of the US. The Great Mahele is of a great thing because all our land are held in royal patented TRUST, we have true claim to all “subject to the rights of tenants” granted by the king in all lands held in fee-simple; not by Article XII sec 7, HRS, PASH. We don’t need to re-create a State we just need re-structure/re-organization to filter out who is eligible for positions and to insure Hawaiian Kingdom Law is implemented within or Enforcement and Adjudicative areas first and foremost. If we don’t look at the factual truth then all the years of protesting annexation will only bring us back under US control; that of which we oppose.~

~Now go find true ‘ike, and read through ARCHIVAL DOCUMENTS because that is where you will find the answers…bread crumbs that were left by na kupuna to help us find our way!~