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MALAMA FIRST: Interviewed by Dr. Michael Klaper

Dr. Michael KlaperOn Thursday, May 27, 2006, Bumpy Kanahele was interviewed by Maui doctor Michael Klaper, M.D. on his Sounds of Healing radio show broadcast on KAOI 1110 AM regarding Bumpy's work with the Malama First organization. Dr. Klaper and his staff have experienced the services of Malama First, first hand.

To listen to the full interview via internet audio streaming [CLICK HERE].

On the radio show Bumpy described the I-Health Bio-Energy Feedback system that is used to assist Hawaii's kupuna in attaining a healthy balance and harmony between the major organs in the body. He talked about how Malama First came about as the result of a prayer vigil of indigenous peoples from all over the world who gathered together to express wisdom as well as their experience of various healing practices. When one of the participants demonstrated his technology on Bumpy and explained how it worked he ended up telling Bumpy things that he was noticing through the I-Health equipment that only Bumpy knew about himself.

Bumpy brought the man back with him to treat people in the Pu'uhonua Village, in Waimanalu on Oahu. Bumpy saw changes in everyone that was treated and Bumpy told him that he had to get one of those systems in Hawaii and that this was something that our people could use. Because of the generally poor diet of society as a whole the Hawaiian people tend to have the worst health of any group in Hawaii and perhaps the United States. So Bumpy got one system and now after two years has 8 systems being used throughout the Hawaiian islands.

Bumpy explains that the I-Health Bio-Energy Feedback System balances and harmonizes the 12 organs of the body (unless of course one or more of them have already been removed for some reason). The Chinese and Ayurvedic medical health systems knew that if the organs were in harmony and balance then they were actually created to heal themselves. The I-Health System basically helps to provide the protocols and opportunities to keep the organs in balance and harmony thus allowing them to repair themselves. One of the ways that the organs communicate with each other is through the blood's circulatory system. Circulation is one of the things that causes all of us to end up with issues, disease, whatever. The more balance and harmony of the organs the better the circultory system. For instance, the pancreas provides insulin to the body so with a healthier pancreas the sugar content goes down. After several months of working with us one member of our community did not need to take the diabetic medication anymore.

Dr. Klaper went on to explain that in western medicine blood flow is everything. When it comes to healing tissues, infections, injuries, you gotta have the blood flow. If you get the beautiful red stuff flowing through there, the arteries, the organs know how to heal themselves. This is a painless technique, just some wires and electrodes are just attached to the body and readouts are done through the computer there. No blood is drawn and nothing painful happens there. No, not at all, Bumpy continued, it is non-invasive and non-intrusive. Dr. Klaper said that he had a couple of treatments and he certainly felt more energetic and balanced when I left. They are doing really wonderful work for the community. The kupuna are teated for free or at least a very generous sliding scale and no one is turned away for financial reasons. That is really beautiful and a profound healing in itself. That is the community taking care of each other and we certainly need that.

In line with Bumpy's expression of the social, political, economic and cultural aspects of sustainability that we all need to pay close attention to he formed Malama First, LLC to handle the economics. Malama meaning to care for. This was the first thing in our efforts to begin with was to care for people, to care for our people especially. Bumpy says that everyone who knows him seems to bring up his involvement in the Sovereignty movement and things that the Hawaiian people are faced with now, all kinds of issues come up like Hawaiian rights, and one thing that he keeps hearing over and over is, "Hey, when are you Hawaiians going to get together? You guys gotta get unified. You guys gotta do this and you guys gotta do that..." It is easy to say that but no one people in this world is truly unified. But he finds that since he has been working with this I-Health bio-energy system it dawned on him that what was happening was that we were actually using a different process to unify our people and that is through health and wellness. It is not only getting people to be more aware of their bodies, and what is going on and what links to what as far as anatomy, but it is also crossing bridges that he never crossed before regarding some of the issues facing Hawaiians on the sovereignty end. So, unification through health and wellness is basically what Bumpy says that he is all about now.

Bumpy says that the most important thing that we stress at Malama First is balance and harmony and let the organs do what they are supposed to do. To set up an appointment for your free initial evaluation please call: Wailuku 986-8730, 1325 Lower Main Street, or, Oahu 259-9018.

To listen to the full radio interview [CLICK HERE].

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